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Our expertise in specialty design, construction, materials and installation makes us one of the most esteemed specialty firms within our service area.



Mecklenburg Restoration delivers long term protection against water by using state of the art preventative waterproofing, elastomeric coatings, sealants and repellants.  We guarantee professional and effective repair to your property.

Masonry and Concrete Repair

All buildings need masonry and concrete repair at some point.  Trust our skilled professionals to do your facility’s restoration and repair work right the first time.  From epoxy injection to slab or brick replacement, we’ll fix any job with the same outstanding service every time.

Air and Vapor Barriers

Mecklenburg Restoration can provide solutions to all of your problems from improper or broken air and vapor barriers in your building.  Protect air quality and keep moisture from destroying your buildings infrastructure with the right systems today.

Green Roofs

Make a significant and positive impact on your company’s bottom line.  Let Mecklenburg Restoration help you cut utility costs, prevent damaging storm run off and dramatically extend the life of your building with an eco-friendly green roof.


Architectural pavers for your roof, decks, plazas, balconies, terraces, walkways and more is a cost effective way to transform those areas from dull and drab to eye catching.  Let us help you select what you want, and we’ll do the rest!



Caulking is a necessary maintenance to keep the integrity of a building’s interior and exterior intact, and sealed from the elements. Mecklenburg Restoration provides all types of vertical and horizontal caulking services for your project.


Expansion Joints

We are dedicated to providing effective solutions to your expansion joint needs, using the latest techniques and highest quality materials. Our dependable and highly trained technicians are committed to your satisfaction.

Water Repellents

Our water repellent services provide long life results and value. Commercial Real Estate Professionals and Facility Managers rely on Mecklenburg Restoration for their commercial maintenance projects.


If left untreated rising damp or condensation can be a serious problem for your building. We can help you treat any kind of damp issue using high quality materials and the latest techniques.

Fire Stopping

We have the experience and knowledge necessary when it comes to fire protection for commercial buildings. This allows for the engineering, layout and installation of cost-effective solutions specific to these types of challenging environments.

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